Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Honoring A Hero: RAOK Shine Project Style

If you blog you know all about The Shine Project. 
The Shine Project
If you don't please go visit her website right now and read her mission. 
Ashley is truly a phenomenal human and I was lucky enough to meet her at the blogger meet up a few months ago. 
She has runs a nonprofit organization that employs underprivileged kids in the phoenix area and helps to provide them with money for college thru her shop and various programs she has developed. 
Like I said, amazing human. 

As I am sure you remember there was tragedy in Aurora Colorado not long ago. 
Many brave people lost their lives because of a hateful act of one. 
Among those was Alex Teves. 
Ashley wrote a post not long after the shooting happened that detailed her connection to this young man and brought tears to my eyes. It was a devastating time for a lot of people and like any tragic event many forget about it. 
Unfortunately there are many that are forced to live daily knowing that hate had won over their loved one. That the malicious actions of one could forever change the lives of hundreds; thousands. 
However, because of the kind heart that Colorado mans girlfriend has she challenged the readers of the Shine Project to spread kindness in honor of Alex. To prove that good can prevail. She challenged the readers to use their 25 day countdown to Christmas to preform Random Acts Of Kindness in his honor and share the stories. 
What a wonderful idea and right up my ally. 
Now, I will admit, I read the post that Ashley put up last week and was all go getter about it. Then life happened. I got busy with my family and work and Christmas planning and what seems like a million other things that I forgot what it was that I had hoped to do. 

As I was settling in to bed tonight I turned on Netflix and clicked on a movie I'd hoped would put me to sleep. Instead, here I am at 12:03 typing a blog post. 
The movie  that I clicked on was called The Spirit Of Christmas. It is the story of the Locke families battle with an incurable form of cancer their son was diagnosed with. After watching the movie and crying and laughing with this family, I google searched them and found their website. I signed up to contribute monthly to the DAX foundation supporting St Jude Children's hospital in honor of Alex. I read The Shine Project blog daily and am happy to spread kindness for this wonderful man and his family. Thank you for hosting this Ashley and Thank you to Amanda for challenging the blogging community to spread kindness in the midst of such darkness. Much love to you both! If you would like to donate to the DAX foundation like I did click here.  I am going to attempt to do many more acts of Kindness in memory of Alex Teves and I challenge you to as well! :)