Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Showers

Ooooo yeah! It is April annd that means it's tax time! If you owe a stupid amount of money like me this giveaway could be a huge helper! :) Or if you just want to go take advantage of all of the crazy sales this time of year that is good with me too! :) It's easy to enter and easy to win! :)


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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shooting In A Studio!

If you have followed along with my blog for any extended length of time, you know that I am a photographer.  I use that term loosely, kind of like "blogger".
I have a business, the state of Arizona sent me a piece of paper that says it and everything.
I get people that keep coming back to me to take important photos for them again and again. (Forget that I get nervous about it every.single.time)
I get people that have seen my website and seek me out to take pictures for them, and have incredible things to say about ME.
I don't do it for the money. This is not my full time job (though it may seem it at times). It is just a fun (expensive) hobby that lets me meet new people, do something I love to do, and make people happy.
That being said, I have been presented with some great opportunities because of this "photographer" label I have put on myself. I was able to shoot for the Make A Wish Foundation's international wish ambassador conference, I have had dozens of great clients from all over the country and most recently, I was contacted by one of my very sweet, very fantastic friends, Ashley to take some photos for the website of her event planning business! It was incredible.
This was the first time I have used a studio space for photography (I like the natural light, what can I say) mostly because I get a very JCPenny portrait studio nasty posed photo feel from studios. 
This was NOTHING like that. I absolutely fell in love with the space the moment I walked in and it just got better and better as the night went on.
I was able to use my creative mind to shoot different table scapes and props and of course two lovely ladies in multiple outfits with LOTS of glitter and confetti (you know how I feel about this)
I was just walking on air the entire time and can't wait to show the girls their photos.
This was a huge moment for me as a "photographer" as well though. It allowed me to broaden my horizons and step out of my very small comfort zone to expand my portfolio and my abilities for the future. I am SO happy to have worked with Ashley and Meagan with Your Jubilee and am excited to share the finished product with you all, in the mean time, here is a little peek at the space, and me doing work!

Friday, March 28, 2014

#azbloggermeetup Numero 4

It's that time again! This is the 4th meetup that I have had the pleasure of being a part of and they just keep getting better and better.
Last weekend, Camille, Kayla. Meagan and I executed a very successful Arizona blogger meetup!
It was so great, as always. I will spare you the sap fest that comes with any get together I have with bloggers this time, blah blah, wonderful people... blah blah changed my life. It's all still totally true, but you can read about that here, here and here if you want some feels on this Friday.
We went with a Midsummer Nights Dream theme for this particular meetup and it worked out perfectly. 
(Please excuse the Iphone photos, my camera was attached to the photo booth and I was running around like a mad woman with no time to take photos #notimeforthat)
Becuse Camille speaks my love language, she brought sour patch kids to munch on during the set up. Lord I love that woman. :) 
It was so great to see the ever growing Arizona blog community come out for this event. These faces, I tell ya. :) 

Jenna, Tausha, Meagan, Deidre, Aubrey (a Utah blogger, but we have adopted her, Ali, Hope, Allora

And then this happened.
I don't think I need to explain why I love these women so much after you see this photo. I won't.    I can't. It's just to much.
Lydia .. Jen

Why does the sign talk about Bundt you may ask? Because Nothing Bundt Cakes generously donated two large bundt cakes to our event. We are so thankful. If you are looking for a delishious cake that has amazing presentation and lovely employees to boot, you need to go to Nothing Bundt Cakes. Nuff said.

And because I don't know how to cut cake, or do many other domestic things, Camille so graciously helped me. You may also notice that the knife being used is from Kaylas wedding set and therefore warented this pose to occor. I am now prepared for most wedding festivities..uh hem.
She also wanted to make sure I was prepared for the feeding piece as well  (actually we just wanted to try each others cakes but... if a photo opp presents itself, you take it)
There was a ton of Photo booth fun, including this stroke of genius prop.
 I had entirely to much fun with it. If you can't tell.

Are you ready for photobooth overload???!!!

This incredibly unflattering photo was taken for my dear Katie, whom I miss terribly. It is a replication of the first photo booth.. #katiegoestoaz ?  cool.
 Also a replication from the other photo booth, Karly and I are NOT scared of the camera. 

All of these ladies are mommies to be!

Fashion Bloggers!!!

Photography bloggers!!

The everything else blogger!

The piece de reisistace... This photo is all of our lovely Marriage/relationship/dating bloggers. They were all rocking their "put a ring on it" pose and I just HAD to crash it with my sad naked finger.. lol
It was just to good. Ahhh I am still laughing at it. To much.

Selfies were had... Gosh I love this girl.

And here is everyone!!! This is such a great group of women and I am SO lucky to know them all  :)
Until next time!

{photo cred :: Lydia }

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Food allergies. Ain't nobody got time for that.

So picture this, I am coming off of this rock star high of getting my house totally clean after wayyy to long of it looking like cave people live in it. I settled down at my computer to finish up a few sessions to be shipped out.
I've got Greys Anatomy on Netflix, a water bottle and some ice cream and ready to rock and roll.
Cool right? Yes, it was. That is until my whole freaking body started itching like I just rolled around in insulation (that pink scratchy crap in your walls).
As it turns out, my body doesn't like mango (or maybe the 12 trillion calories in the jar) and it's reaction to the consumption of it is sending me into an itching fit, turning my face red, lips purple and making my stomach twist in ways it shouldn't. 
(The Culprit)
I am not a go to the doctor kind of gal so I decided that while it sucked, a lot, I would take some benedryl and a shower and call it good. That is until the shower made me hate my life and the benedryl didn't really work. Oy vey.
I should also say that the voice of reason in my household (Mr. B, lets be real, I base 85% of my life decisions on weather or not I think something is cute) was out playing softball. Something he doesn't typically do during the week, but was doing last night until 10:30.
I had one of my littles, so I called Mr. B's mommy to help me and she jumped right up, came and got me and the little and took us to the hospital. She took my little home when B got there after ball. She is good.  
I posted this photo to instagram and as I was taking it, B's mom jokingly said "What, you're not going to take a selfie?"
So then naturally, I did. Showed her. Also, it's cool if we cant be friends anymore after you see this picture. I wouldn't want to be friends with the creature from the black lagoon either. Yuck.
(Please believe I added some sweet lighting enhancements to this photo.. thank God for technology, you didn't really think I would post the au natural photo did you??)
So that was the eventful evening I had last night. 
Long story short, I will never be eating a freaking mango again and it is a damn shame, because before it tried to kill me that ish was delish.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photography :: Kai

After yesterdays heavy post, lets move on to one of the cutest children I have ever had the pleasure of photographing!
This munchkin belongs to one of the guys Mr. B plays softball with on Sunday nights.
I usually edit in my folding chair at softball and when he passed by he mentioned that he wanted to get some photos of his son done.
The most stylish kid in the world brought along a few outfit changes and each was better than the last.

Hello Americas Next Top Model! :)
Happy Thursday friends!!!